Piece of Shit List

Jim Bakker  Inducted 9/1/2018
The only major differences between Jim Bakker and Donald Trump are 1) that Bakker lives in Branson, MO and 2) Trump has not yet been fully busted.  

Laura Ingraham  Inducted 2/18/2018
Piece of shit Laura Ingraham knows her audience are white supremacists terrified of black and brown people, who can't get erections unless people are hating on minorities. 

Donald J. Trump  
Donald Trump is the world's Biggest Piece of Shit. Everything trump touches, dies. 

Chuck Grassley  
This is the GOP belief system; They, along with piece of shit Grassley, believe that anyone who works hard and plays by the rules should be wealthy, and those that do not achieve wealth are lazy, alcoholics and drug addicts.. 

Pat Robertson  
American media mogul, Pat Robertson believes that homosexual people should be required to wear “specially-coloured clothes” as a way of identifying themselves and warning straight people of their sexuality.







Donald Trump is the world's Biggest Piece of Shit.   

What amazes me is how many people don't see it (or choose not to). No wonder he doesn't do press conferences.  What a piece of shit!

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