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Donald Trump! Now this is a total piece of shit

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to check out my piece of shit list! Ordinarily I wouldn't take valuable time to put any thought into any piece of shit. However, now that we have a total dumb ass president elected to the office, along with the morons who elected the piece of shit, I find it necessary to expose the piece of shits who contribute the ignorance in making America dumb again.  Donald Trump aka IQ45 is nothing short of a piece of shit

Why are we here?  We're in it for exposing the piece of shit GOP repblican party and the piece of shit ridiculous religious right fanatics who are totally and utterly worthless, vulgar, offensive, contemptible, and/or of extremely poor quality as a human being and a delplorable detriment to our society.  

We call it like it is.   There's never been a better time to expose the piece of shits who have infiltrated our republic. Until now, these piece of shit low-lifes were tucked away and closeted in their hate and ridicule. And then, the biggest piece of shit of them all came along and opened up the hate gate on our society with a vengence this country has ever witnessed. We are under seige in this country by complete morons in charge, along with a dumb ass piece of shit Archie Bunker president.


During the 2016 republican debates, of which 12 were held, we all witnessed the circus side show with Donald Trump. At that time everyone, and I mean everyone including the very few sane repubicans participating in the debates, were confident Trump would eventually crash and burn.

He didn't! Instead, during his entire campaign, he addressed and acknowledged to all his captured haters, his bigots buddies and his lying piece of shits who endeared him to arise from the crevices from which they shed their skin. Thus the hate epidemic was spawned and given a new threshold to administer, thrive and to flourish to this day.


Donald Trump is the world's Biggest Piece of Shit.   

What amazes me is how many people don't see it (or choose not to). No wonder he doesn't do press conferences.  What a piece of shit!

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